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African elephants at play lioness and her cub greater kudu Bruce in the Namib Desert, Africa, next to rare and ancient Welwitschia mirabilis plant

Tour stops include: Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Etosha, Moremi, Chobe, Hwange, Okavango Swamp, Namib Desert.

boats used during 12 day stay at Galapagos Islands giant tortoises on the rim of Volcano Alcedo a lovely scene of Isla Floreana and a flamingo
NATURAL HISTORY ADVENTURE Ever dream about escaping your normal routine...running off to desert islands in a tropical sea? Now's your chance! Come go with me to the GALAPAGOS ISLANDS. We will spend 13 days and nights leisurely touring the largest dozen of the nearly 60 islands lying 580 miles west of South America in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The itinerary includes rivers, creeks, bird islands, exploring giant Yucatanean caves, Mayan ruins, tropical rainforest on basalt formations, Thousand-foot Falls, and much more. 

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