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By D. Bruce Means
Stock Collection
©2000 Bruce Means
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Contact Information: Click means@bio.fsu.edu for availability and prices.

Stock Collection: 70,000 3 X 5 Fujichromes and 15,000 digital images (10.4 megapixel using Nikon D-200 camera and lenses).

General Subject Areas: Natural history of southeastern US, ecosystem and habitat photos, Australia, Guyana, Venezuela, tepuis, wildlife, animals, reptiles, snakes, amphibians, frogs, salamanders, rare and endangered species, fire ecology, control burns, prescribe burns, tropical rainforest, tropical cloud forest….

Books / Publication Credits: National Geographic, Natural History, National Wildlife, International Wildlife, BBC Wildlife, Florida Wildlife, Southern Living, The American Gardener, Fauna, Tallahassee Magazine, Science World, Bats, South American Explorer, Wild, The Florida Naturalist, The Nature Conservancy News, and books: “Priceless Florida, Natural Ecosystems and Native Species” and “Florida Magnificent Wilderness.”

Geographic Coverage: Southeastern U.S., Guyana, Venezuela, Queensland, Northern Territory, Australia, South America, Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Galapagos Islands.

Other services: Audio-visual presentations/lectures, photo gallery displays, local “fixer” for film shoots anywhere in the southeastern U. S., Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Guyana, Venezuela, Galapagos Islands, Australia. Own properties in the Florida panhandle with access to all the ecosystems along the Gulf of Mexico and inland. Can do prescribed or control burns for video shoots.

Some Stock Photo Subjects: Some of the topics in my photograph inventory are: natural history, wildlife, listed species: flatwoods salamander, striped newt, gopher frog, indigo snake, gopher tortoise; reptiles, amphibians, rare species, snakes, frogs, salamanders, southeastern U. S. landscapes, sand dunes, rare and endangered flowers of the Apalachicola Lowlands and Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines, American alligator, alligator snapping turtle, Georgia blind salamander, blind cave crayfish, coachwhip snake, canebrake rattlesnake, eastern diamondback rattlesnake, copperhead snake, boa constrictor, Australian pythons, coral snake, gopher turtle, pocket gopher, panhandle lily, harpers beauty, Florida azalea, downy woodpecker, red-cockaded woodpecker, reptiles of Florida, reptiles, green anole, gopher tortoise, cottonmouth, moccasin, water moccasin, southern copperhead, canebrake, timber rattlesnake, eastern hognose snake, mimic glass lizard, Southern coal skink, Apalachicola kingsnake, eastern kingsnake, and more.

Amphibians, amphibians of Florida, amphibians of South America, gray treefrog, green treefrog, pine barrens treefrog, squirrel treefrog, barking treefrog, pinewoods treefrog, bird-voiced treefrog, spring peeper, upland chorus frog, southern chorus frog, Florida chorus frog, brimley's chorus frog, mountain chorus frog, ornate chorus frog, little grass frog, all species of chorus frogs, eastern narrowmouth frog, river frog, pig frog, carpenter frog, bronze frog, southern leopard frog, Florida gopher frog, Florida cricket frog, northern cricket frog, oak toad, southern toad, greenhouse frog, eastern spadefoot, two-toed amphiuma, one-toed amphiuma, greater siren, lesser siren, mole salamander, flatwoods salamander, eastern tiger salamander, central newt, striped newt, Northern dusky salamander, southern dusky salamander, seal salamander, Apalachicola dusky salamander, slimy salamander, many-lined salamander, four-toed salamander, Georgia blind salamander, eastern mud salamander, rusty mud salamander, Southern red salamander, southern two-lined salamander, longtail salamander, three-lined salamander, dwarf salamander, tadpoles and frog eggs, Guyana frogs, Mt. Roraima, Kukenan, Chimanta, Acopan, Auyantepui, Maringma, Weiassipu, Duida, Huachamakare, and other tepuis, giant earthworm, rainfrogs, etc.

I specialize in photos of Florida and Coastal Plain habitats such as cypress swamp, river floodplain, blackwater river, whitewater river, spring-run river, seepage bogs, wet flats, longleaf pine uplands, sandhills, flatwoods, longleaf pine forest, beech-magnolia forest, Southern temperate hardwood forest, tupelo swamp, temporary pond, ephemeral pond, cave formations, Florida caves, sinkholes, limesink depressions, coastal strand, sand dunes, interdune swale, backdune ecology, wetlands, uplands, aquatic habitats, steepheads, ravines, Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines, Apalachicola Lowlands…in short, all the habitats. If I don’t already have it, I can quickly get it.

Contact Information: Click means@bio.fsu.edu for availability and prices.

Contact Bruce Means at:
D. Bruce Means PhD.
1313 Milton St.
Tallahassee, FL 32303
E-mail: means@bio.fsu.edu
phone: 850-681-6208
FAX: 850-681-6123
© 2013 D. Bruce Means 
frilled lizard