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Between Two Rivers


PRESS RELEASE: “The Red Hills gang, a formidable bunch, has carved out a patch of Florida and Georgia and saluted its distinctions so beautifully that in effect they have created a new place. These writers, who have a deep appreciation of the myths and realities that the contrasting red hills and sugar-sand beaches surround in their chosen place, give us reasons to believe in and appreciate their creation. Between Two Rivers entertains while it makes a significant contribution toward understanding Florida’s Panhandle” - Al Burt, long-time Miami Herald columnist, and author of numerous books, including Al Burt’s Florida: Snowbirds, Sand Castles, and Self-Rising Crackers.

TALLAHASSEE – A new literary movement kicks off in north Florida and southwest Georgia September 11 with the release party for Between Two Rivers, an anthology featuring 29 writers telling stories about the extraordinary landscapes of the Red Hills and northern Gulf coast.

The book is the product of the new Red Hills Writers Project, a group of writers and editors who believe in the power of nature-based literature to move and inspire people, and deepen their understanding of and attachment to place. The two rivers referenced in the title are the Aucilla to the east and the Apalachicola to the west, which define the Red Hills and Gulf coast regions. A series of diverse and remarkable essays cover the rich cultural and environmental landscape between these two waterways.

Editors include Susan Cerulean, a biologist, writer and activist (Book of the Everglades; Wild Heart of Florida); well-known Southern author Janisse Ray (Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, Wild Card Quilt); and Tallahassee poet Laura Newton, editor of the Apalachee Review.

The writers are: Doug Alderson, Susan Anderson, Wendell Berry, Susan Cerulean, Jim Cox, Donna Decker, Faith Eidse, Gail Fishman, John M. Hall, Julie Hauserman, Claudia Hunter Johnson, Saundra Gerrell Kelley, Kathleen Laufenberg, Monifa A. Love, D. Bruce Means, O. Victor Miller, Ann J. Morrow, Hope Nelson, Laura Newton, Janisse Ray, Diane K. Roberts, Anne Rudloe, Jack Rudloe, Mary Jane Ryals, Michael Trammel, Crystal Wakoa, S. David Webb, June Bailey White, and June Wiaz.

The Red Hills Writers Project is an initiative of the nonprofit group, Heart of the Earth. Both groups are deeply concerned that unplanned growth and sprawl are placing the region’s communities at risk. The Red Hills Writers Project hopes to spark important conversations from Thomasville to Panacea, from Apalachicola to Aucilla, about how we might collectively guide our rapidly-growing region into a more sustainable future.

"We live in an extraordinary place here in north Florida," said editor Cerulean. "We hope our book will help people realize just what we have, and work alongside us to keep it."

The release will happen at a reading, music and nature festival at Tall Timbers Research Station, north of Tallahassee . The festival will kick off a series of public events, readings, and nature tours which will stimulate discussion about the Red Hills and Gulf coastal regions. For more information about Between Two Rivers, and to purchase the book, go to www.redhillswritersproject.org.

A note about Between Two Rivers…

Red Hills Writers Project is committed to preserving ancient forests and natural resources. We have elected to print this title on 50% postconsumer waste recycled paper. As a result, this book has saved:

34 trees (6-8" in diameter and 40' tall)
1,585 lbs of solid waste
14,375 gallons of water
3,113 lbs of greenhouse gases
5,781 kw hours of electricity

Red Hills Writers Project is a member of Green Press Initiative, a nonprofit program dedicated to supporting publishers in their efforts to reduce their use of fiber obtained from endangered forests. For more information, go to www.greenpressinitiative.org.

Between Two Rivers: Stories From the Red Hills to the Gulf
Edited by Susan Cerulean, Janisse Ray, and Laura Newton

In the Presence of Grace on Bald Point
Donna Decker

Catching the Shrimp, Calling the Turtle
Anne Rudloe

What I Teach Ariel: Perspectives on Beaches
Michael Trammell

Watery Thread through Time: The St. Marks River
Doug Alderson

Worm Grunter’s Wisdom
Saundra Gerrell Kelley

Why We Sunk Our Money into a Swamp
Anne and Jack Rudloe

The Golf Course and the Blackwater Slough
Diane Roberts

Healing River
Faith Eidse

Aucilla River Time Machine
S. David Webb

Ghosts of the Red Hills
D. Bruce Means

The Quest for Florida’s Lost Volcano
Kathleen Laufenberg

O Beautiful Scar: Canal Built by Slaves
Janisse Ray

Gold in the Pines
Gail Fishman

Free for the Taking
Crystal Wakoa

The Silence of the Limpkins
Susan Cerulean

Florida’s Lost Waterfall: Cascades Park
Julie Hauserman

Growing Up alongside Tallahassee
Hope Nelson

A Sabbath Outing
Sharon Rauch

The City in the Trees
Mary Jane Ryals

The Monarchs of Eden
Claudia Hunter Johnson

Tobacco Prayers
Monifa A. Love

Watershed Down: Lake Jackson ’s Fall from Grace
Ann J. Morrow

Big Chance. Fat Chance. Slim Chance: How Caprice Brought Us the Red Hills
Jim Cox

Hands on the Land in Havana, Florida
June Wiaz

A Canon of Owls
O. Victor Miller

An Old Lepidopterist
Bailey White

Paradise Found Again
John M. Hall

Singing the World Back
Janisse Ray
© 2013 D. Bruce Means